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Dakoo – Hyperlocal Delivery SuperApp Franchise Opportunity. Apply now -https://bit.ly/2QvqRs5

Dakoo Tech Franchise Bring you the opportunity to own a recession-free tech business in your city, whether it’s a Tier1 , Tier 2, or Tier 3 city.

We will operate the following:
1. Apps for Customer, Merchants, and Delivery Agent with regular updates.
2. Franchisee App – City monitoring and management dashboard.
3. Digital Marketing, guerilla marketing & branding material.
4. Marketing pitch, onboarding & training Videos for merchant & delivery agents.
5. Initial level of Customer support, Merchant support & Delivery Agent support.

You will operate the following:
1. Hire delivery agents who will be paid per delivery directly via app.
2. Convince Merchants in your city to join Dakoo, using our marketing pitch video.
3. Conduct offline marketing & branding campaigns, with materials provided by Dakoo.
4. Manage delivery escalation & feedback improvements
5. The final level of Customer support, Merchant support & Delivery Agent support.

Dakoo franchise works on distributed leadership & a democratic business model. We believe in giving business opportunities instead of job opportunities. It allows you to grow as per your efforts but with strong support & team. You build your own legacy of business by providing convenience to the people of your city, with technology.

So if you want to be a Dakoo Franchise Partner then click here: https://bit.ly/2QvqRs5