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Fantastic Services – The Only #Franchise #Company in the UK That Finds Clients for You
Start your own cleaning, handyman, gardening or landscaping franchise business with a minimum investment.

Tired of struggling to find new clients? What if you could keep delivering your high quality service without the need for expensive marketing and advertising?

– Join an industry leading brand franchisor with stable demand growth;
– Get comprehensive trainings by our Fantastic Academy;
– Get customers without spending one penny on marketing – we find the customers for you;
– Get ongoing assistance from our Accounting, Finance, Service and Business development teams;
– Get constant Sales and Customer Service Support by our friendly operators – we handle all communication to provide work directly to your schedule;Organize your work from your smartphone – manage your schedule appointments using our app;
– Get a full schedule of work suited for your special skills in your preferred area, every day;
– Benefit from flexible terms to suit your business needs;
– Get Insurance and Loan support after you fulfill the initial requirements;
– Grow with us as we expand our coverage, partnership networks and service portfolio;

Our fantastic home services franchises available for sale in the UK. Come on! Join Fantastic Services now!

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