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From the Scorpion King’s origins to Imhotep to the tomb of a Chinese emperor, the movie series that kicked off with 1999’s “The Mummy” explored quite a convoluted history over the course of its run. The series jumps around in time quite a bit through the three “Mummy” movies and five (yes, five) films in the spinoff “Scorpion King” series, so it may be a little hard to know in what order everything happens.

With that in mind, we’ve put everything from all eight movies in chronological order so you can know for sure. This is the entire timeline of “The Mummy” franchise explained.

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The Black Scorpions | 0:00
Rise and fall of Sargon | 1:14
The last of the Akkadians | 1:55
The loss of the queen | 3:12
The crown of Lord Alcaman | 3:55
The Fang of Anubis | 4:42
The Battle of Thebes | 5:25
Imhotep’s affair | 6:26
Origins of the Terracotta Army | 7:21
The Battle of Hamunaptra | 8:23
The return of Imhotep | 9:01
The Year of the Scorpion | 9:59
Alex takes the baton | 11:06

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